Scope of Services

Aquavir International provides its clients with all services related to recruitment and selection, including the sourcing, screening/evaluation, shortlisting and facilitating client interviews.
We will facilitate conduct of technical tests and training (if you so require) by reputable and qualified testing centers to validate candidates' declared qualifications and capabilities.
Aquavir International will also liaise with the Philippine Embassy nearest the worksite and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration ( POEA - the governing body tasked to regulate overseas recruitment agencies as well as the overseas contract workers) for the verification and accreditation of the recruitment documents, including the Special Power of Attorney, Model Employment Contract and Manpower Request of the foreign employer for the legal and speedy dispatch of the selected candidates.
Lastly, we will provide assistance in the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) of the candidates to prepare them mentally and emotionally for his overseas work employment and assistance services during their departure.

Fees & Expenses

For the services and professional help we offer, a service fee will be charged to the foreign principal/employer to cover services rendered in the recruitment, documentation and placement of workers. (Rates are subject to mutual compromise agreed by both parties).
Unless otherwise provided, the foreign principal/employer shall be responsible for the payment of the following:
Private land-based recruitment agencies are allowed to collect from its selected/hired workers a placement fee equivalent to one (1) month salary, except in countries where laws prohibit collection of fees from workers.

Recruitment Procedure

1. Special Power of Attorney. This document empowers our company to do and perform certain acts on your behalf.
2. Master employment contract which incorporates, among others the minimum provision of employment contracts of land based workers, as follows:
3. Manpower request indicating the position and salary of the workers to be hired.
4. Valid business license, registration certificate or equivalent document.
5. Visa assurance or any equivalent document validated by the issuing authority. (If there is no POLO in the worksite).